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CIGA Watchers

6 Advantages of Wearing a Watch Over Using a Smartphone

Smartphones have dominated much of our lives at this point in time in that we rely so much on these mobile devices to do pretty much anything that we want. We use it to surf the internet, watch video content, play our favorite games, use mobile applications for productivity purposes,...

My Blog

7 Tips to Consider When You Wear Baby in a Sling

In case you're an eager or new mother, you've likely caught wind of babywearing a period or two (or many occasions). There are numerous advantages to wearing your little one. Babywearing is ameliorating to babies, it can help lessen crying, and you get the chance to keep your newborn baby...

KL Girl

Most Stayed Hotels in Chow Kit

Chow Kit is quieter compared to Kuala Lumpur city centre, having a wide range of atmospheric retail outlets, restaurants, even looking for a KL Freelance Girl in Malaysia for personal services and interests, and instagrammable attractions are worth visiting especially for those people who want to travel and stay.  This...

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