5 Things Successful Architects Do

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1. Architects start their day early.

By waking up early, architects can utilize most of their day by doing productive things. This is a habit that is common for many professionals at the top architecture firms in Malaysia. An early alarm and early bed time can really fuel a successful career.

2. Architects make the most out of their marketing connection.

Big, successful architecture companies leverage on good connections and marketability. Not only are they committed, they also work with the right attitude. As an architect, you need to put on your marketing hat all the time. The most successful architects make at least one call each day to monitor their contacts and connections. If you can, call more leads.

3. Architects have a regular fitness routine.

According to research, physical activity stimulates our brains. It makes us healthier, both emotionally and physically. This may be a hard for many busy individuals. Why not start with a simple, 10-minute workout routine every morning to start your day right? You can also take a 15-minute walk during lunch time to take away stress, and clear your head.

4. Architects sketch to take away the stress.

Sketching is a type of therapy for several people, architects or not. It helps to have a sketch pad wherever you are. If you feel like sketching something, just do so. That way, you can improve your skills, and nourish your creative faculties. Even it’s just a simple doodle in between phone calls and meetings, these simple sketches can help your career.

5. Architects meditate.

You would be surprised to know that meditation is part of the routine of many successful architects. Find time to reflect, pray, meditate and focus. This allows your brain and heart to relax. If possible, begin your day with a 10-minute meditation.