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A Guide For Selecting Women’s Watches

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Traditionally watches started out as an accessory that only men wore but as time went by the accessory was also crafted to fit the wrists of women. Just like the evolution of how women started wearing pants began, watches also became a must have accessory for women all around the globe. However, if you look into the history it was actually women who wore wrist watches while the men only carried around pocket watches as wrist watches were considered to be feminine. Watches for women were seen as statement accessories with artistic and elegant designs.

The reason the watches for women were first designed in such a manner is due to the fact that it was meant for royalty. Men disliked them and only those in the military would wear wrist watches as it was seen as more conventional as compared to carrying a pocket watch during war times.  It wasn’t until Mercedes Gleitze was spotted wearing a waterproof Rolex Oyster in 1927 that wrist watches were seen as modern and spotting.

By this time the men started wearing strap watches and the trend of men’s watches began. When the watch market had gained its male consumers, the designs for women simply had become lazier. Designers created  women’s watches based on what they thought women would like. For example, they added more sparkles, jewels and some watches were even made in the colour pink.

Choosing a Watch for Women

What A Woman Looks for?

In the beginning yes, watches for women were designed to look more like bracelets that looked elegant. However during modern times, women prefer watches that are minimalistic and long lasting. Just like how women started wearing pants, they had also realised men’s watches could be worn by them as well. Designers thought that women only cared about design but they were also looking at functions. 

Women wanted watches that would last long and had a classy look as well. When it comes to women’s accessories the usual assumption is that only looks matter. Women would actually prefer watches that could last over time such as automatic watches. 

Understand the Wearer

Another fact about watches for women is that they have a few categories. Knowing these categories will help you understand how to choose a watch for a woman. Also it’s best to know their personality and the field they work in before picking out the watch. By getting to know the type of person they are you would eventually have a rough idea of what kind of watch you should actually get for her. 

For example if she attends a lot of social events that require her to dress up the maybe a dress watch would be appropriate such as the Swarovski Cosmic Rock Bangle Watch but, if she’s more of a simple person then maybe casual watches such as Daniel Wellington’s Melrose watch,  would be the answer. However, if she wants something that is aesthetic and would last over time try looking at automatic watches. These watches usually have designs that make them look unique. You could take a look at watches from Ciga Design , it’ll give you an idea of what to choose from. 

Next, you consider the age of the wearer before purchasing the watch. Age also links with their personality so be sure to keep both in mind when buying a watch. Sometimes older women prefer less flashier watches with an elegant yet timeless style while younger girls may want something that is current and in trend.

Looks and Design

It is also important that you pay close attention to the looks and design of a watch. A watch is something that could be a part of a person’s life for a very long time so it is very important to pay attention to small details. Know the current trend of women’s watches before making a purchase. It is important to know what women would prefer to wear rather than just getting her something that you think she would like. A women would naturally appreciate the effort and thought you put into getting her the perfect watch. 

Spend time looking at each watch individually, pick one out that might hold a significant meaning. Perhaps one with her birthstone on it, her favourite colour or even something that her favourite celebrity might own. 

Watches for women have certainly evolved since it’s early creation. Keeping up with the current trends may be hard but it certainly isn’t impossible. Whether,  you’re getting the watch for yourself or someone else, it’s always good to know a few basics before purchasing the watch.