A Handy Breastfeeding Guide to Help You Feed Your One-Year-Old

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After bringing your child into the world, the first couple of days is more of a survival measure where your baby is taught to latch on to your breast and feed off of your nipple. But, there will come a time where doing that just isn’t convenient and feasible anymore.

For example, for the first few months, you’re going to rely on your breastmilk. But, once they reach, say, 6 months, you will start to feed them using formula milk and putting them in a baby milk bottle.

As your baby grows, their needs would start to change as well. You cannot feed your baby with solid foods prior to 6 months, but you are required to introduce it to them when they reach 8 months and above.

If you are a first-time parent, then it is your lucky day! For in this article, I will give you a handy breastfeeding guide to help you feed your baby until they reach 1 year of age.

First Month

Your baby should be taught how to properly latch on to you so that they can get enough milk come feeding time. If they are not properly latched, not only will they not get ample milk from your breast, but it can also develop sore and cracked nipples as well.

To help your baby latch on to you, follow these steps:

  • Your baby has to be positioned in a way where their belly flushes against yours
  • Using a pillow, you want to prop your baby up and hold them up to your breast. Make sure that you do not lean forward to compensate
  • Now, use your free hand to put your fingers and thumb around the areola or the darker area of the skin that is surrounding the nipple
  • Tilt the head of your baby ever so slightly and then gently touch them with your nipple- just above their upper lip
  • When they instinctively open their mouths, you can scoop up your breast into their mouth- making sure that their lower jaw touches it first
  • Next, you want to tilt their head forward- placing their upper jaw deeper on the breast. The entire nipple must be in their mouth at this point.

You should do this for a couple of months. By the first up to the fourth month, you must be able to establish how much milk you’re going to produce, as well as the orientation to which your baby will suck at your nipples to feed.

Sixth Month

Once your baby reaches six months, you now have to introduce them to some solid foods. Pediatricians agree that you have to feed them with rice cereals in conjunction with your breastmilk for optimal growth.

Then, you want to slowly incorporate fruits and vegetables- making sure that they are washed and peeled well before feeding them. If your baby doesn’t have teeth yet, you want to mash the solids for easier digestion.

You want to mix it up with breastmilk/formula milk in conjunction with the solid foods that they will eat. You also want to slowly introduce them to different foods- taking notes as to which foods your newborn is allergic to and avoid feeding that food ever again.