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Completing Your Look with a Watch

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It is certainly agreed that automatic watches has its perks and benefits. Based on  the criterias it is understandable why the demand for those watches are increasing. There are also versions of these watches that are created for women. Watches for women these days do not typically look like what they used to because women now have different taste. 

There a guides to select watches for women so that you do not get the wrong one. However, the question right now is how do you style watches into an outfit? Women sometimes feel they don’t want to wear a certain watch just because it doesn’t go well with their look. Just like your earrings or belt, it may seem like a small accessory but if you don’t know how to wear it you could end up spoiling the entire look. Also keep in mind timeless watch pieces deserves attention, there is a lot of hardwork and effort that goes into creating that piece. 

Below are a few ideas of how watches could be styled into your looks:


Watches for women will look amazing when layered with bracelets that match either the straps or the smaller details of the watch. Also wearing rings is a good idea. If your watch has certain stones why not try looking for rings that could match. Wearing a watch doesn’t mean you need to compromise your feminine side

Keep it Simple

If you want extra attention to be drawn to your watch, try wearing a simple coloured outfit. Monochromatic outfits work best for silver or gold watches. Especially if you purchase a special watch such as Ciga Design’s Z Series Mechanical Watch or Thomas Earnshaw Bauer Hand Wind Skeleton Watch.

Draw attention

Okay so if you wear t-shirts or shirts try rolling up the sleeves to draw extra attention to your wrist. If you’re a bit more daring maybe just roll up one sleeve (if appropriate). The design on an automatic watch deserves to be noticed and appreciated. Watches for women might even have certain gems or stones that are special and worthy of attention.

Prints and Pattern

A watch with a vintage design would typically look nice with prints and patterns. Pay extra attention to the details on your watch. You don’t have to do this everyday but if you are going for a special event or attending an important meeting, you might want a little attention drawn to you. What better way to do than showing off your vintage watch. Who knows, maybe the person you’re trying to impress might be a watch collector who would notice your wrist. 

Now that you have a few ideas of how watches for women could actually be styled into your look, here are a few brands, you could consider:

  • Rolex
  • Michael Kors 
  • Cartier

Lastly, dare to be different. Sometimes you might not find the perfect watch in the ladies section but there might be a watch you like that is actually meant for men. If you think you could pull it off then just get it. There is nothing wrong for a lady to buy a men’s watch.