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Considerations Before Buying a Mechanical Watch

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When you’re choosing a watch, you should definitely look at its functions and design. It is essential that you read reviews and do a little research before buying any watch. Mechanical watches have been gaining a lot of attention lately but what are the best brands that you should actually consider? Which design should you get? 

Also, if you’re a watch collector I am sure you would pay more attention to the minor details and be very careful before purchasing just any watch. These watches are timeless pieces and could get the attention of many people. Spending slightly extra on a watch would not do you wrong as they could last you a lifetime; if you purchase the right one. The most common thoughts before purchasing a watch would be :

  • What style should I get?
  • Which features would I need?
  • How much am I willing to spend?
  • Where can I get the watch?

Hopefully, you will roughly figure out how to make the decision after reading this article.

So, before you think of all the complicated aspects of purchasing a mechanical watch you must think about the looks first. Look at your personality, place you work in, your surroundings; what do you think would work best on your wrists? The bands of the watch usually play a huge role in how your watch will look on you. 

Typically there are two types of bands: metal bracelet and leather straps. So if you prefer a metal bracelet think of what material and colour you might want it in. Materials range from gold, stainless steel and platinum and colour options such as gold, rose gold and silver. But if you prefer a leather strap, think about the colour; black or brown? 


The dial is the hardest part to choose especially if you’re new to buying watches. These are so many features that you would consider such as date, secondhand sub dials, time zones, chronographs and so on. Bare in mind that you won’t actually be needing all these features. So do a little research on what these features mean and if it would actually be needed. If this is your first mechanical watch try going for something minimalistic. 


The price of a watch will eventually determine the quality, construction and legacy of the watch. Yes you might be able to get cheap watches which would look nice on the outside but as the years go by the price you paid for your watch might start to show. For example, the colours might start to fade, the functions might stop working or the leather might start to peel. 

It’s always best to save up when you are purchasing a watch and buy something that would actually be worth it. Watches are an investment that could benefit you in many ways. For example, they might have a high resale value in future or could even be a family heirloom. 

Place of Purchase

Now that you know what you want your watch to be, it’s time to think of where you could actually get these watches. Usually there are two options, you could either walk in a store or browse online. When purchasing online, it’s always best if you read plenty of reviews and do as much research as you can on the watch you are about to buy. If you are unsure maybe try getting someone to help you out before you proceed. Examples of places where you could make your mechanical watch purchase includes: Ciga Design, Cartier, Fossils and a few more.