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Current Veil Trends

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Wedding veils are definitely the most wanted accessory by every bride. Even if she doesn’t mention it. Growing up most brides would envision themselves marrying princess charming in the longest yet elegant wedding veil.It’s hard to deny that seeing Princess Diana in her wedding veil just made girls everywhere want it even more.

Wedding veils and it’s trends have changed over the years. Just like how wedding dress trends have become a little more modern obviously the accessories to go with them has to suit the occasion as well. Here are some of the top picks wedding veils that you should definitely consider:


Barely There Veil

First on the list is the beautiful and fuss free veil. It is a simple design that could be made in various lengths. It’s light, flowy and it would feel as though there is nothing on your head. It goes perfectly with any type of wedding gown, be it traditional or modern

Crystal Scatter Veil

Want to add a little sparkle to your veil? Then you should definitely consider this and don’t worry it won’t be too heavy on your head. Imagine hints of shimmer all over your veil as if fairy dust had been sprinkled on it. Yes with this veil that is exactly the look you will get. It goes perfectly with any gown and incase you are worried that your dress is a little to plain, this wedding veil will give you just the right amount of shine.  It could enhance your minimalist look with it’s tiny yet sparkling crystals. 


Horsehair Edge Veil

Next on the list is a double tier veil. This veil includes traditional elements but it could be incorporated with the modern day bride look as well. If you want to experience that adorable moment, where the love of your life could lift the veil and give you that romantic kiss, this veil will help you with just that. It covers your face and when the top tier is pulled, it falls gently and neatly to the back. Besides, the veil even adds a translucent volume.


Silk Organza Veil

It’s a light weight wedding veil with a modest design. Elegant yet sophisticated, this is a trend you do not want to miss out on as it falls beautifully from the crown of your head. This veil will look modern and refined on any bride

Full lace edge veil

Most brides think laces are a very traditional wedding look but if you know how to style it, you could change your whole look. Why not consider this veil? Try pairing it with a simple wedding gown and you will create a modern and chic look. This lace veil will look stunning on any bride. 

These wedding veils could just be the only accessory you need on your wedding day, read on various  wedding hairstyles to see how you could incorporate the veil on your big day. Don’t worry if you think you’ll attract too much of attention. Remember ladies it’s your day and you deserve all the attention you get.