Garden Landscaping Tips For Beginners

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Garden landscaping in Malaysia can be an enjoyable task. You have a varied selection of landscape ideas to choose from. This article is for those who have decided to individually landscape their garden rather than hiring a landscape architect to handle the job. Keep on reading if you’re wondering how to start off your project.

Knowing what you want

Much like interior designing, the first steps to take when it comes to garden landscaping is knowing what you want. This can be done through research, evaluating your needs over wants. You could also visit garden centers or garden shows to help get new inspirations for your project.

Elements which you might want to add to your garden include hedges, fences, lawns, vegetation (trees, shrub, flowering plants), paths, patios etc.

Consider location

Before delving into the landscaping, I think it would be necessary to know your backyard. This might sound a little odd, but bear with me. Take into account the sun and wind patterns, climate, and the size of your garden. Imagine setting a patio in your garden that faces east with the intention of enjoying the sunset in the evening, only to find out later that the sun sets on the other side of your home. So get to know your backyard. Also pay mindful attention to the fact that Malaysia has a monsoon climate, so my advice would be to install something that wouldn’t become an inconvenience during the rainy season.

Other things to consider would be how much time you’d be willing to put into maintaining your garden. You might want to get low-maintenance plants if you have a busy schedule.


Don’t bite off more than you can chew! Translation, don’t plan something that you cannot afford. So to avoid such mistake is to know how much you would be willing and be able to spend for this project.

Imagine and envision.

Take some time, gaze into your backyard and envision having what you have in mind. Walk around your landscape, figure out where you’d like to sit, or would like to relax.

Starting with the basics

Take this process step by step. You may want to start by choosing the type of grass you want in your backyard. Or you could start by laying the foundation for your hard-scape. Different types of grass may include Japanese carpet grass, Philippine carpet grass, cow grass, pearl grass. Take your time with the job and enjoy the experience.

First Hardscape, Then plant!

When choosing your hard-scape, ensure that it compliments your home’s exterior, such as your patio, or home deck. It is advisable to plan out your hard-scape before planting your vegetation. That way you wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of removing anything you’ve previously planted if you plan to extend.

Spacing and scaling: Size, shape, height

This is probably the most complicated aspect of garden landscaping in Malaysia. There is nothing attractive about having an over-cluttered garden so spacing and scaling is important. For instance, if you plan to cultivating abundant vegetation in your garden it would be wise to create a pathway wide enough to walk through for your and other peoples comfort.

If you’re thinking of implementing steps, there is a certain scale which you should use for safety. Steps with a 6-inch rise are said to be safest and most comfortable. Other scales may include spacing between pathways, stepping stones, or hard-scapes.

Choose a focal point

The focal point would be the center point or area of your garden. Having a series of focal point or a few focal points, depending on how large your garden is, would help bring a togetherness and organization to your site. Choosing focal point depends on your taste. It may include fountains, sculptures, a gazebo, or a pergola

Choosing fertilizers.

You have the option of choosing between organic fertilizer or synthetic. Organic fertilizer is basically compost, and this comprises of animal excretion, human excretion or decomposed plants. If you’re planning to grow vegetables it is advisable to use organic fertilizers. It may be smelly, but it’s  healthy, for you, your soil and for the environment. Note that if you’re using synthetic fertilizers and have a pond, you are more likely to experience algal bloom. Excess nutrients may flow into the body of water and cause an over-growth of algae. This would eventually form a thick layer over the surface of water and prevent oxygen from being transported to organisms below.

Think ahead.

You may want to avoid planting your vegetation to compact. Leave space between each to allow room for growth and blossoming. If this isn’t what you’re aiming for, the you would want to avoid compacting your garden.

Outline Edges where your lawn meets your flower bed to prevent overlapping. You may use a physical barrier such as stone or granite. Entirely depends on your tastes.

To conclude, I’d like to say that planning is key. A well-though and reasonable plan can meet your satisfaction. Don’t rush the process. In fact, enjoy it. Make that plan your baby and nurture it to life. Relish in the experience and the sensation of the soil between your fingers and the sweat dripping down your face. It will all be worth it in the end.