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Men’s Watches: Bring Back The Trend

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When it comes to styling men it always tend to get a little complicated. Sometimes men themselves feel that it isn’t right for them to pay too much attention on the current fashion trends. This however needs to change as there are certain trends that they could keep up with to up their fashion game. They should not feel insecure just because they want to follow a certain trend. So to all the guys out there don’t feel ashamed to go out there and start looking stylish.  You could even take inspiration from the music industry or your favourite  tv shows and see how their style is showcased.

One trend that should have never gotten old are men’s watches. It started off as just pocket watches, evolved into wrist watches and then it became a huge trend. In the beginning wrist watches were used as a military tool to tell time as it was inconvenient to be carrying a pocket watch in war zones. 

However as time went by, I have noticed that watches have begun to disappear from the wrist of men in this current generation, especially here in Malaysia.There could be various reasons as to why this is happening. These include smartphones, cost or maybe the laziness involved in spending a few extra minutes to strap on a watch. 


Reasons to wear watches:

Creates a statement

Men should start wearing watches again for various reasons. Think of it this way, you see women putting on makeup and finding accessories to match their look when going out but what could a man wear? Yes some men may have piercing but bare in mind, not all places or occasions allow you to actually wear your rebellious earrings.

Men’s watches are something that you could easily wear and match with any occasion. You could either buy a watch that is neutral and would fit any occasion or why not be a little different. Spice it up by buying straps in different colours and a few watches in different designs too. A watch can change your whole look instantly. Think of it this way, a watch allows you to showcase your own identity. It does not only complete your look but it also tells others about who you are. Men’s watches can be edgy or classy depending on what design you choose, you have the freedom to decide.

Acts as a reminder

Watches also hold a deeper meaning. It reminds you that time never waits. Take notice how the hour and minute hands on a watch are constantly moving. It’s a constant reminder to help push you through the day. You may feel a smartphone tells time better but when you are at work or college and you’re too busy to even glance at your phone, having a watch strapped on your wrist would not be such a bad idea. There are also occasions where you would not actually be allowed to look at your phone. While you are driving or taking an important test you might get the urge to check the time and honestly a watch could come in handy.

Could be a new hobby

Once men’s watches start becoming a trend again. I am sure one watch would not be enough, also watches could even be resold easily to collectors. However, most older men tend to have a fondness and attachment towards their watches and they would never sell it off. The current generation might  start to follow their footsteps too. This could be really cool to do, imagine collecting watches in different designs along with straps in different colours as well. These watches could be worn at different times, on different days and to signify different occasions.

The current trend

When it comes to men’s watches, there are a few options you could choose from but the current trend are mechanical watches. Even with the creation of smart watches, nothing could top the sense of style that came with a mechanical watch. 

The mechanical watch would be the perfect accessory for any man out there. They come many designs that would suit all types of personality. Ciga Design is one of the places where you could get this popular watch trend. It even has options of watches that are aesthetically designed with it’s own look that makes it completely different from other watches. It would certainly complete the looks of any Malaysian Men. By strapping on the mechanical watch, it would change the way you look and it will help you carry yourself with more confidence. This is why it makes the perfect accessory and it’s an effortless way to spice up any look.