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Retarding Agents and Rheology in Concrete Manufacturing

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The retarding agent 

The agent in question retains the retarding water level and other factors in the concrete. The retardant and rheology modifiers are very important in the composition of the cement that is modified hydrophobically with the introduction of hydrophobic lateral grafts. in aqueous solution at 2% by weight and polyethylene oxide, in order to limit or prevent the dynamic segregation of the granules in the concrete during its realization.

The self- leveling

The self –leveling is also very useful and these retarding agents and rheology help self-leveling to perform well. This can be useful in self-leveling concretes, without diminishing performance related to diffusion, screen stability, bleed, and other important factors. This article refers to an additional hydraulic composition system and its use to improve the rheological maintenance of strong concrete composition and more particularly of Portland concrete compositions. Hydraulic compositions are compositions that comprise a hydraulic binder, that is, a compound that has the property of hydrating in the presence of water and whose hydration makes it possible to obtain a solid with mechanical resistance characteristics. Hydraulic compositions are, for example, concrete, screed, or mortar compositions. It is known to add fluidizing hydraulic binders (also called plasticizers or superplasticizers) that make it possible to fluidize the hydraulic composition and therefore reduce the water content of the hydraulic binder paste to obtain, in particular, higher mechanical strengths. These diluents also provide rheological retention thus allowing the use of the hydraulic binder composition for a longer period before hardening and setting.


It is a chemical that controls the chemical reaction of compounds and it is very crucial in the concrete process. It is known in particular to describe polyalkoxylated phosphonates as having exceptional properties of water reduction and maintenance of fluidity over time (also called maintenance of rheology or maintenance of workability). Also known are hydraulic binder compositions comprising alumina concrete (comprising aluminates) and a retarder and a superplasticizer. The addition of retardant in such a system is not problematic since the aluminates present play an accelerating role, thus allowing to quickly obtain mechanical strengths.

In order to obtain improved properties, particularly in terms of reducing water and maintaining rheology, maintaining good viscosity properties, and reducing costs, adjuvants have been proposed comprising at least one polyalkoxylated phosphonate in the mixture,  and at least one second polyalkoxylated polycarboxylate superplasticizer. Self-leveling concrete with the help of rheology can be processed very impressively. All the retarding agents and rheological factors are very useful for concrete manufacturing.