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The 10 Common Website Design Mistakes

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  • Lack of High-Quality Content

Do you want to rank high on Google and other search engines? Then, you need to make quality content. Your sleek, beautiful website designed by a professional website developer is nothing if there is no compelling content. If you are not sure how well your posts are doing, check your click-through rates and bounce rates.


  • Making It Hard for Users to Find Core Information

Your visitors should spend a big amount of time looking for the information they need. Crucial information such as return policies, directions, store hours, shipping details and FAQs should be at the homepage. These are basic details your readers and customers should miss.


  • Failure to Update the Website

The digital world is full of cybersecurity risks. To be safe from cyberattack, you need to keep all themes and plugins updated. That way, each possible entry point in your website will be protected.


  • Failure to Address Poor, Broken Optimized Pages

How would you feel if you click on a link, and then you ended up with “page not found”? This is not good, most especially if a website owner is trying to sell something. Many websites lose potential sales and conversions because their pages are not optimized, and updated regularly. Don’t be one of them.


  • Failure to Use Analytics

Don’t just update your content, and add website elements. Look at your website’s analytics once in a while. It can provide you with tons of points for improvement that can help you make your website even more successful.


  • Failure to Use a Responsive Design

More and more internet searches are now coming from tablets and smartphones. If your website can be viewed properly even on smaller screens, you can gain more audiences and traffic.


  • Depending on Free Website Builders

Free website building apps would allow you to make your website quickly and easily. The problem with this is that every design incorporates more lines at back-end codes, making your website load much slower. This can lead to horrible countless errors and performance issues.


  • Forgetting About Important Design Elements

Many website owners would ignore, and forget to maintain many important design elements. his can result to lots of distractions–instead of leading users to the right content, you are distracting them with poorly maintained features.


  • Poor Use of Footers, Headers and Sidebars

Many website owners assume that sidebars, footers and heading areas are nothing but places of advertisements. These are indeed crucial parts that can contribute to a lasting good impression. Contemplate on how you can brilliantly use these elements.


  • Failure to Capture Customer information

Focus on capturing leads. Remember, this is one of your website’s main purposes. Big money is being invested on marketing campaigns, and these results to lots of customer information.