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The History and Inventor of Google 

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The Internet is one of the evidence of technological advancement today. With the internet, we will easily find a wide variety of information, ranging from domestic information and foreign information. The easier it is to get information, the faster the insights we have will increase. Insight can be said to be one of the things that can expand our perspective in seeing or understanding something. Therefore, today, adding insight for yourself is quite important. Surf Google here with our unifi broadband plan

Basically, information obtained from the internet can be anything, ranging from articles, journals, videos, images, and so on. Moreover, information can also be obtained from online news. In fact, evolving technology makes it easier for us to get information through mobile phones or mobile phones. In short, today’s mobile phones can use the internet, whether it comes from Wi-Fi or a provider’s card, so they can find information faster. So, have you been looking for information to add insight from a mobile phone?


When searching for information domestically or abroad, we will usually use search engines that are already used by many people. In this case, the search engine in question is the Google search engine. Google is very easy to use in finding sources of information because we only type in the keywords or keywords we want to search. Moreover, the Google search engine can be used on a variety of electronic devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, computers, and more. Therefore, we do not need to be surprised when someone says, “just search on Google”.

A Brief History of Google

With the advent of Google it can be said that various sources of knowledge become very easy to access because with Google we can search for anything, from images, videos, news, to events in the world. Therefore, Google can be said to be one of the media that is quite important for lovers of the “virtual world”. To find sources of knowledge through Google is quite easy because just write what you want to search in the Google search field. After entering what you want to search for in the search field, then Google can immediately provide the answer.

The emergence of Google for the first time started from two students studying at Stanford University, California, USA who wanted to develop an information search engine in the “virtual world”. Then, the two students used the website from Stanford University, namely The search engine they had found, was then named BackRub. From the results of search engine development that they have done, they also realized that in creating a search engine in the “virtual world” requires a website.


After realizing the importance of a web to run a search engine, they created a website domain, namely The domain name, eventually changed to The search engine that had been discovered by Lawrence Edward Page and Sergey Brin was finally turned into a company on September 15, 1997 and the company name was given the name Googele Inc.