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Top Small Businesses You Can Start For Extra Money.

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Trading is a good way to earn money, no matter what you decide to sell. This is because there will always be demands for any products, especially if you sell them online. Trading basically means a basic economy concept where it involves the buying and selling of services or goods, with a compensation paid by a buyer to a seller. It can also mean an exchange of services or goods between two parties. These days, we can see how youngsters start their own small business in order to earn their own pocket money every month. It is admirable how they can manage it, especially some of them who are university students or high schoolers. They used various social media to post about their business and with how fast things spread through the platforms, many of them are successful in promoting their business and getting new customers. Some borrow money from their parents to start their business and manage to pay them back double the amount they borrowed. Some university students who refused to rely on their parents even go for forex trading to get some money for their small business. If you are interested in forex trading, here is the indonesia forex brokers list you can check out. 

Now, let’s see what small businesses you can start to get some extra money.


It is amazing a few youngsters came up with the idea to sell stickers online. The stickers are quite easy to produce on your own as all you need is to design the stickers and print them using a special printer. Then, you cut the stickers according to their shape and they are ready to be sold! These cute and colorful stickers are sometimes in high demand because girls especially love to collect them for fun or to be used on their notebooks. 

Scrunchies And Hair Accessories

It sounds too simple to be sold online, but there are actually young girls who managed to earn a steady income by selling these items. Some of them even make a Youtube account where they show how they have fun sorting out the scrunchies with so many colors to choose from. They also make videos of them packaging their customer’s orders and people love watching the videos because it’s relaxing. They often pack the orders in a cute pouch bag and include some free gifts like hair pins and small cards. Not only girls go crazy for these, but the boys also buy them as a gift for their girlfriend or little sister.


Food has always had a high demand no matter fast food or snacks. There are some youngsters who start their small business by selling popcorn and cupcakes. There are a variety of foods out there where they sell to earn some extra money. Usually they prepare the food to sell on their own as they are interested in baking or cooking. Nevertheless, some of them can even reach a total sale of RM1,000 a month.

Final Words

This simply shows how creative the youngsters these days are in order to earn their own money. Those who started just for fun have earned more than they thought is possible as they start their small business. The parents should be proud and supportive of their children because it is good for them to learn about responsibility and independence. For the university students, it will be good as the money they earned can help to pay for their fees or something small like the things they want for themselves. Thus, you never know until you try. Keep your chin up and take the first step if you are serious about starting your own small business.

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