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Web Design Trend That Will Rule in 2020

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The section of the website when you first load the site, known as the “above the fold” field — were likely to become more evident during 2019. This was definitely the case, and text-only heroes were one of those tests.

While some hero areas have become more involved with different types of elements than just the standard text-on-image setup, this “text-only” trend is intriguing in that it removes the typical background image and simply allows typography to do the job.


Although illustrations have been prevalent on websites for many years, there is a growing trend of recent tradition, informative, and well-executed websites of grace illustrations, and I am sure this is a trend that is just beginning.

Pairing the drawings with a bit of animation also helps to catch attention and can be used as a fun way to communicate with your guests. Animated illustrations are useful as an add-on device to text, and are often easier to explain and interact when used as more subtle and secondary features rather than the main feature.

Vintage Themed Elements

Web design agencies create nostalgic designs as a throwback to previous periods of time. Other media outlets of the moment, such as television and magazines, also influence this, particularly if it’s a throwback to a pre-Internet era.

I expect this trend to take on another shape in 2020. I see websites take vintage bits and pieces, and remixing them with modern style, rather than going all-in on a retro or throwback feel.

Black and White

So 2019 is Monochromatic. 2020 is going to be the year of seeing more and more sites experiment with no color at all, sticking to only black and white with very little in between. Find it minimalistic, gone monochromatic.

Grids and Lines

Many websites are based on an invisible grid system which helps organize and in-line the items on the page. Nonetheless, in 2020, I foresee seeing these grids become more visually prevalent and used as the primary aesthetic design, clearly inspired by the popular trend in “card” design.

Outlined Typography

I really like typography if you can’t tell it already, and I note typographic patterns in particular. Typography is highlighted as one emerging trend, and we can expect to see that gradually in 2020.

Getting typographically distinctive has become an imperative on the web, which is amazing given that it wasn’t that long ago when designers had to work with just a handful of fonts. We have more web fonts; we also need more web typography, more daring and more diverse. There is no doubt that this is evident not only in this trend but in others that have already been mentioned.

Huge Typography

Another trend based on typography, but how can you overlook the ever-increasing font sizes on the Web? A trend going into 2020 is typography larger than life that can be read from across the room.

Geometric Shapes

I reported last year that more fluid, organic types would be trending in 2019, so it’s no surprise that the opposite would be trendy too. Geometric shapes, curves, and patterns make a comeback in 2020.

User-Centered Animations

Typically when we think of animations, we see them happening on their own, regardless of any action that we may take as site visitors on the page. Nonetheless, an increasing trend in web design is to have animation caused by some form of visitor input or action.

Of course, Adobe’s Vinh agrees. “One of the most exciting things to happen to typography in a generation is to combine user interaction with tasteful animation and tasteful kind. While web design is increasingly capable of matching expressively with print design, setting the form in motion in response to user inputs adds a new dimension to the way we think about written communication. Will see more of this!”

Trendy Colors

I’m sure we ‘re all familiar with the color combinations and color schemes that are trendy in other parts of our lives, be it music, clothing, social media, etc. I expect in 2020 that some of these color combinations will make their way into website designs.