Wedding Veil 101 for Bride-To-Be

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Wedding veil has been a symbol of marriage all around the world. Wearing one makes a big difference to your wedding look. However, perfecting a look isn’t the only thing it’s capable of. It can break a look if matches weirdly to your wedding dress.

No bride should look less than perfect on her wedding day where she transitions from a fiancé to a wife. But to look their very best requires some extra effort.

This transparent material is one of the most searched items by brides to be. Despite this, some are still in dilemmas whether they should wear a wedding veil or decided for one but have no idea what type to go for. There are countless options for wedding veils, so Malaysian women might be confused or don’t know where to start. Question by question pop in your mind as you try to figure out the right kind of wedding veil for you. The most frequent one is, will it suit the curve of your body?

Petite bride particularly, has a hard time finding the ideal dress. Wedding veil is much trickier since adding it might overwhelm their overall presentation.

The many options of wedding veil really depend on the theme, the season the wedding will be taking place in, if it is held during nighttime or daytime, and your face shape.

With a few tips up my sleeve, I’m here to guide you in choosing the wedding veil that will work beautifully with the dress you eventually choose, regardless of your height.

First of all, prioritize what you think is most important.

You should go for a wedding veil if you are interested in a traditional themed wedding, especially the one conducted in a church. This theme gives people the image of a traditional wedding gown with a floor length veil, complimented with a blusher veil that your husband lifts for when he wants to scoop you into the French kiss. The act by itself gives a traditional touch to the wedding.

Conversely, ditch the wedding veil if you find the ones you have tried to be uncomfortable and think you wouldn’t be able to manage it, especially if you are going to have an outdoor wedding as the gust of wind can mess up your veil.

The veil also needs to be one with you, because only when you are comfortable in your own style can you move freely and thus able to relish in your joyous wedding.

Types of Wedding Veils

Birdcage Veil

Earning its name from the similar way it sits on top of your head to the way a birdcage hang, this is the shortest veil of the bunch. It falls below your eyes or skimming your eyes and nose above your chin, giving the look of a veil without all the length. The stiff crosshatched netting material allows your lips a comfortable space to make a statement.  That being said, it is great for a vintage wedding. Leaning toward Great Gatsby kind of retro feel, it is usually paired with red lips and pearls.

Obviously, this is more affordable than other wedding veils. The cost only differs slightly depending on the quality of fabric and materials. The perfect size will make the most complimentary frame for your face.

Shoulder Length/Flyaway Veil

Bubbly and feminine is the best way to describe it!

This gives just the right soft and traditional look. It is specifically designed for brides who prefers to show the back detail of their dress. Its medium length of about 45 cm to 55 cm provides you a nice flow despite ending at your shoulder. Using slightly stiffer material even helps add a bit of volume for those with bony shoulders.

Elbow/Waist Length Veil

Length: 66 cm to 70 cm

Acing the traditional theme, it gives a flowy look to a bride’s appearance and accentuates the A-line bridal look as the skirt fabric expands at your feet

Petite brides who prefers longer veil can still show off the embroidery on their gown with the simple or multi-layered style.

Fingertip Veil

Like the name itself, this veil flows down to touch the bride’s fingertips by about 91 cm to 97 cm. It receives so much love when it comes to classic style from how it provides some movement while not weighing you down at the same time.

Being not too long or too short, this veil is a perfect in-between option. And when clipped below your neat chignon, it creates a perfect conservative look that gently covers your shoulders and can be easily removed after your ceremony

A good example is the Two Tiers Appliques Lace Wedding Veil from Malaysian wedding wear online shop, One Simple Gown. Not to your liking? Don’t worry! They have several other affordable selections in stock. Grab your chance while some of them are on sale!

Waltz/ Knee Length Veil

Extending to 127 cm or 152 cm long, this veil is long enough to reach your knees without completely hiding your legs.

This magnificent long bridal veil gives an effect as you and your partner dance to a magical wedding song on the white dance floor.

Chapel/Cathedral Veil

These two classic veils are the most sought after for a church wedding since they are deemed most traditional and formal types suitable for the particular theme.

Their floor length reaches from 178 cm to 229 cm. While Chapel veil is only 5 cm longer than the train of your wedding dress, Cathedral radiates vibe of a regal entrance, extending for 15 cm – 25 cm beyond the train.

Having them elegantly framing your dress and smoothing behind you as you move, gives out a princess-like appearance to your look. They can dramatically take the center stage in your wedding photo when embroidered with flowers about the edge.

The Tear Drop Veil  by in the picture is the perfect example of a gorgeous chapel wedding veil.

Royal Veil

You’ve reached the ultimate bridal look! This biggest and most ethereal veil will instantly unleash your inner royal. From the cascading length of 305 cm that run beyond the train of your dress, it is certainly not for a light dress as the stunning long trail behind you can overwhelm the dress itself. As the name implies, this veil is most suitable for grand weddings.

Blusher veil

A blusher veil turns your enchanting wedding the more traditional with a hint of romance.

This thin veil, occurring with any of the wedding veils I just mentioned, acts as a second layer that you wear over your face as you walk down the aisle until the moment your husband lifts it back before the both of you kiss in front of the attendees. Though the length is generally 50 cm, it can go lower to 150 cm.

Factors to consider before buying that wedding veil


Your hairstyle should be the main reference when choosing a wedding veil.

As veils need something to hold on, it’s better to opt for a hairstyle that will fit with your veil.

An elaborated hairstyle with different hair accessories or flowers is not suitable for the reason that the veil may hide majority of the details you have spent so much time on. And depends on how heavy the veil is, it can weigh your coiffure down.

However, a simple hairstyle is perfectly compatible with a veil as it makes your hair look a lot more interesting.

Creatively anchor as much bobby pins as you can to secure the veil so it won’t slip from your hair.

Wedding attire

There isn’t a rule of the right veil to go with a specific style of wedding dress.  Even so, the dress you will be wearing is still a chief determiner of the type of veil you want to get.

Firstly, you must have a clear image of your dress. From here, you can begin selecting the veil that does not compete with your dress.

Dresses that hug around your body blend well with long veils. On the other hand, dresses that puff around the skirt blend better with shorter veils. You should also think of the length of the dress. If you have a short wedding dress, then your choice is supposed to be a veil no longer than your elbows.

Embrace the contrast of a plain dress and an embellished veil as they make a perfect combination!

Theme of the dress also important factor, birdcage veil best option for vintage theme

Focus on the detailing of your gown that you want people to see, and keep the end length of your veil above it. This will make sure the details aren’t kept hidden.

Keep in mind though. If you’re going to be outside, then your veil should be above ground level to avoid it from getting dirty.

Shape of the Veil

Veils of various shapes and angles can make a big difference at complementing your bridal dress. The shape could be one tier, two tiers or even three tiers, fall more to the center back or spread out across the shoulder. It can change brides to look thinner or fuller. Lastly, it can also be tapered in at the end, have waving sides or have straight sides.

The shape can create an illusion of a much better hairstyle or face shape.

Purchasing a wedding dress isn’t exactly cheap. To find what works best on you, try on all the wedding dress if you should. Sometimes those with the least of your attention are actually the ones that fit you perfectly!

Religious tradition

Originally, a bride wore a veil to protect themselves from evil spirits. Now, a veil has different purpose based on different faiths it’s used in. For example, exchange of vows is usually done with the veil covering the bride’s face.

Religious beliefs can affect your choice of veil style and length. But unless you have a certain requirement or cultural expectation that require you to don a specific way, you are free to choose whichever veils you want!


You might be carrying a bouquet and want your wedding veil to finish above the bouquet or drape over it. Or, even better, go ahead and add those flowers to your veil! A veil like Juliet Cap allows you to have fun with adding flowers or extra lace and rhinestones to it.

In case of an emergency alternation, plan ahead your wedding at least 3 months before the actual date. This will give you more time to consult with your stylist to find the perfect wedding veil that blends with your hairstyle or hijab for Muslims.

If you’re still pondering about the wedding dress to go with your wedding veil, check out Malaysian best brand Jakel’s latest collection. They may have what you’ve been looking for!