10 Interior Design Tips for Your Home

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Although some interior designers would argue that interior design, in itself, is a deeply personal process, this is not to say that you cannot take inspiration from some other things. In fact, you can easily assimilate some ideas to your own to make one unique home makeover.

Today, I am giving some interior design tips for your home.

Use Furnishings as Your Guide

A lot of people have a hard time knowing exactly what color paint they should use. But, that should be a problem because you can easily select the color that you need just by looking at your favorite piece of furniture.

What is its color? Then, look at the color wheel for colors that can help accentuate your chosen furniture and then go from there.

Take Advantage of Layer Lighting

Instead of relying on just your ceiling lighting, it is important that you also take advantage of layer lighting as well.

For instance, do not just rely on your chandelier to help illuminate your living room, also think about adding some wall sconces or some lamps too.

Hang Some Mirrors

Mirrors are important in every home because it can help give the impression that your house is much bigger than it actually is.

They do that because mirrors can help bounce light in the room they are in, so it is crucial that you hang at least one mirror in every room in your house.

Don’t Just Hang Any Artwork

Before hanging the painting that you’ve bought from an auction, it is important that you consider the color of your walls as it can easily ruin the color scheme.

For instance, if you use more subdued colors like black or white and you’ve opted for a more minimalist look, adding a colorful art piece will definitely ruin the style.

Use Symmetry

When placing your furniture, it is important that you arrange them in such a way that invites conversation. For example, you can put your couch on one side, a coffee table in the middle, and then some chairs on the other end.

It is also vital that you do not put your furnishings to the wall because it will make your room look too uninviting.

Buy the Right Size

If you are going to place an area rug in your living room, it is important that you measure the area where you are going to put it beforehand. This is so that you can buy one at the right size.

A good rule of thumb is for the legs of your furnishings to be on the rug. If that is not possible with the area rugs that are found in your area, you can just have the two front legs on the rug itself.

Banish the Clutter

There is no interior designer in their right minds that will encourage any form of clutter. In fact, it is important that you remove anything that does serve any purpose away from your house.

Add Some Texture

If you want to add more visual appeal to your home, add some texture to it. For instance, you can add wicker baskets or silk curtains for that matter. Just avoid using one type of furniture (like opting for all leather furnishings).

Put Some Houseplants

Low-maintenance plants are encouraged in every home as it can help improve the aesthetics, as well as the air quality of any abode.

Play with Different-Colored Pillowcases

Pillows can instantly jazz up the looks of your couch. Buy different-colored pillowcases and experiment by stacking them up or putting them on the sofa in a certain way that will help improve the aesthetics of the furniture.