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wedding veils
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Which Wedding Veil Should You Choose?

As a bride you are most likely to start thinking of your wedding look way ahead of the wedding, this should give you plenty of time to decide many important aspects of how you want to look on your big day. Some brides prefer to wear wedding veils to complete...

sleek watch designs

Why You Should Choose Sleek Watch Designs?

Watches have been an accessory that is making a statement must have for men and women. There are so many places where you can find watches that come in various styles that would suit different personalities, outfits and there are even watches that are designed to suit specific occasions.  Sleek...


Disadvantages of Gambling

The best online sports betting in Thailand - Betting may give you moment satisfaction when you do win however there are such a large number of more occasions when you've lost as well. Well, here are the reasons why betting is dependably a bad idea for everyone, for the sake...


Made In Asia: Mechanical Watches

Typically, as Asians we tend to think a lot before purchasing something that is super expensive. I mean sure when it comes to clothes, shoes and even food we tend to think, is that even worth to spend so much? But does the same mentality apply to watches? Well, you...

bridal shop in kl
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A Hunt For Wedding Dresses In Kuala Lumpur

Hunting for the right place to do your wedding shopping might be a tough one. There are so many bridal shops in KL that makes finding the right one difficult. Most people would tell you to visit as many as you can. However, this may not be possible, especially if...

wedding veil
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Current Veil Trends

Wedding veils are definitely the most wanted accessory by every bride. Even if she doesn’t mention it. Growing up most brides would envision themselves marrying princess charming in the longest yet elegant wedding veil.It’s hard to deny that seeing Princess Diana in her wedding veil just made girls everywhere want...

luxury wedding dress
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Now Trending, Wedding Dresses

When browsing through the internet look at guides to finding the ultimate luxury wedding dress. Over the years we have noticed a change in how brides style themselves on their big day from their hairstyles, wedding veils and even makeup. Looking beautiful and stunning guests with a luxury wedding dress...

mechanical watch

A Guide To Understanding The Tourbillon Feature

What does it do? A tourbillon, (french for whirlwind) is an additional feature to a mechanical watch's escapement. The escapement and balance wheel are mounted in a rotating cage. The reason why it was created, to ensure that when the watch gets stuck in a certain time position, it would...

watches for women
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Completing Your Look with a Watch

It is certainly agreed that automatic watches has its perks and benefits. Based on  the criterias it is understandable why the demand for those watches are increasing. There are also versions of these watches that are created for women. Watches for women these days do not typically look like what...

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