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7 Things You Must Consider When Buying Your First Watch

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1. Brand

Go for those brands dedicated to making the best watches. These are surely the ones that prioritize quality. As much as possible, do extensive research before finalizing your purchase.

Don’t just buy a watch based on popularity.

2. Price

Do you want to buy an everyday timepiece or an heirloom watch? Of course, if you are aiming for something that will last for decades, you need to spend a bigger amount. Since you are just getting your first timepiece, it’s best to spend around $200 to $300 for now. Trust me, if you treat it properly, it will last for many years.

3. Special features

There are tons of women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia with plenty of amazing features. Which one do you need, and why? Never invest on a timepiece with features you would never use. Water resistance is one thing you must consider.

4. Color of watch face

The watch face’s color is a critical decision. Most people prefer a timepiece with a white face for their first purchase. The reason? Simple. White goes with everything. You can never go wrong with the cleanest choice–a minimalist watch.

5. Where to buy the watch

Are you thinking of buying the watch online? Many collectors and enthusiasts would say that it’s best to buy the watch in person so you can try it on. Whatever your decision is, take your time look around. Go for the most reputable retailers and watchmakers.

6. Lifestyle versus sport

This is probably the most important aspect you need to think about. Are you planning to wear the watch every single day, or only on special occasions? The best thing to do is look for the most versatile piece that you can wear anytime, anywhere. Consider the styles and features.

7. Band type

In a long list of choices, choose the most versatile band type. The most common options here are metal, leather, rubber and metal. Many people go for leather since it looks timeless and classic.