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Men’s Watches 101: Buying a Quartz Watch

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Shopping for men’s watches in Malaysia can be stressful and overwhelming. Whether you are operating on a big or small budget, it’s important to research on the fundamentals first before finalizing your purchase.

If you are aiming for an everyday timepiece, you may want to go for a quartz watch. Quartz timepieces come in a vast range of styles. They are battery powered, causing its movements to give its signature ticking sound. Inside it is a small crystal quartz that receives electrical signals from the battery.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Quartz Watches The Pros

1. They are affordable.

Quartz watches are usually the go-to watches of people on a budget. Sure, there are tons of high- end quartz timepieces out there, but in general, they are cheaper compared to other men’s and women’s watches with mechanical or automatic movements.

2. They durable.

They are more durable because there are lesser moving parts, making them less complex and sensitive. If your job involves dealing with a lot of dirt and sweat, the best timepiece for you is a quartz one.

3. They are the most accurate type of watch.

Quartz movements are far less likely to add or lose seconds all throughout the day.

4. They don’t require that much maintenance.

Just like any other type of watch, quartz timepieces need a thorough cleaning routine. However, since they have fewer moving parts, they are not prone to any serious damage. Lesser moving parts equate to lesser stuff going wrong. You just need to clean it regularly and of course, change the battery every 2 years.

The Cons

1. Less craftsmanship

Quartz timepieces are mostly mass-produced. Don’t expect the same level of care and specialized job that goes into developing a mechanical watch.

2. They don’t have a clean, smooth movement.

You wouldn’t get the smooth, sweeping motion of an elegant mechanical watch.