CIGA Watchers

Selecting the Right Watch For The Right Occasion

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1. Aviation and Motorsport Watches

Do you know that in this day and age, aviation watches are already used as dress watches? If you want to add more character, and pop to your overall look, feel free to pair your aviation or driving watch to your suit. This is acceptable, since these timepieces come with awesome functions and elements lifted from flying and motor sports.

2. Adventure, Sports and Diving Watches

There are tons of men’s watches in Malaysia to choose from, but if you are an adventurer, there is only one watch for you. Dedicated outdoor timepieces like these are also called sports watches. Thus, it is best worn with casual clothes.

3. Dress Watches

Dress watches are refined timepieces that you can wear when going to special occasions. They have humbling functions and clean dial designs. When it comes to design, they are a lot slimmer, and feature more shaped cases. A dress watch can be paired with a classy steel bracelet, as well as a leather strap. The design is solely dedicated to a business suit, fancy tuxedo or wedding suit.

How to accessorize your timepiece?

There really is no way to accessorize a luxury timepiece but to switch out brown and leather straps. Doing so can take a dress watch from that formal look to smart casual.

  • NATO watch straps are typically fabric or woven nylon, and feature cool patterns and colors.
  • Rubber watch straps are completely for active duty such as sailing, sports, diving and other adventures.
  • Steel bracelets and black leather straps are the best for formal environments.