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The Pros And Cons Of Dedicated Servers

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Are you looking for the best web hosting service in Malaysia for your online business? If you are operating on a big budget for an established business, you may want to consider a dedicated hosting plan. Dedicated hosting plans have tons of diverse features many professionals love. In fact, according to studies, for online businesses to succeed, a dedicated server is a lot better for many reasons. It can offer high-tech services like uptime, massive traffic, and accessibility.


Accessibility and Speed

  • Dedicated hosting services is the most suitable option for financial transactions. Consider
    this if you are managing an ecommerce website.
  • It is fast, and good for better customer satisfaction. Accessing and logging on pages
    online with this type of web hosting service is very easy.

  • It won’t slow down traffic. A dedicated hosting service has a quality, high processor power, wide memory and vast disk space. Take note that these specific features are not shared with media and information. The result? It doesn’t slow down the services.
  • A dedicated server has many amazing features. Once acquired, it won’t consume that much space in the disk space. Moreover, you can enjoy an unlimited bandwidth, and take 100% control over all the things shared on the website.


Technical and Security Assistance

  • Gives round-the-clock access for technical support
  • No adware and malware are ever experienced with a dedicated server
  • With a unique IP address, gives access only to the user.



Technical Requirements

  • It is expensive.
  • Maintaining it requires comprehensive networking skills and knowledge.
  • It can crash, and can be expensive and difficult to fix.


Maintenance and Costs

  • A dedicated hosting service is quite hard to repair, set up and maintain.
  • It is complicated and expensive, compared to the other hosting plans.