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Which Wedding Veil Should You Choose?

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As a bride you are most likely to start thinking of your wedding look way ahead of the wedding, this should give you plenty of time to decide many important aspects of how you want to look on your big day. Some brides prefer to wear wedding veils to complete their look. The famous accessory has been a trend for as long as brides starting wearing wedding dresses. 

A wedding veil should compliment the dress and hair of the bride. It also depends on which the bride think should stand out. Some brides prefer the dress to be the showstopper while others may want to wow their guests with a statement veil. No matter what your choice is, if you have already decided to wear a veil, then you should know which veil should suit you. 

Wedding Veil Options

Birdcage Veil

This veil would be for the bride who has decided to go retro on her wedding day. A little tip is to pair the veil with winged eyeliner and a bold lip colour and vintage accessories as well. This will help you further emphasize your retro look. These veils come in different shapes and lengths, so pick one that will actually go well with your wedding dress.

Blusher Veil

A perfect option for the bride who wants to give that dramatic reveal on their wedding day; the moment where the groom lifts the veil and reveals her face. Moreover, it also adds volume when worn with an elegant updo. It’s a classic choice that still could work for a modern day wedding. 

As for some brides they choose this veil as it’s a cultural and religious requirement. For example, when getting married in the church it is a custom to cover the face and shoulders as a sign of respect. 

Juliet Cap

This wedding veil was inspired by actresses who used to play Juliet in the 16th century. These veils give flexibility to the bride to style the veil however she may like. It is for the bride who wants to achieve a bohemian or vintage look. Some of the styles include embellishments or elaborate details for brides who prefer to be a little extra on their big day. The Juliet Cap Veil looks even better if your let your hair down.

Shoulder Length Veil

It’s a cute and flirty looking veil as it does not cover up much of your body or dress. This veil lets you add that traditional touch to your look without weighing you down from being free. It isn’t long and flowy so it won’t be getting in your way from having a good time.

Elbow Length Veil

It is a wedding veil that covers your shoulders and frame of face. Besides, it helps with creating details around your waist seem more obvious, it also complements the hairstyle you have on. Pair this veil with a minimalist dress and your are good to go

Fingertip Veil

Have you ever wanted a pretty long veil but was afraid that it will be too much to handle on your wedding day? Why not try this wedding veil? It’s also very flowy and gives you the fairytale vibe you’re searching for. This veil can also be worn with any hairstyle and it will look great no matter what.

Cathedral Veil

For brides who are having a formal themed wedding, this is a veil that you should consider. It’s a very long veil and is most likely suitable for indoor weddings. It’s a beautiful option but you might want to take it off right after the ceremony as you can’t really move around much in it. 

You may also want to look at the current trend of wedding veils as there may be some options that could help you when making the decision. Also if you have not chosen a dress yet, it’s best to look at some of the latest styles and from there you will also be able to see which wedding veil options would suit the entire look.